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Y9 World War One index homework

Write out the following words and explain their specific meaning in your books:

  1. Western Front
  2. Casualty
  3. Stalemate
  4. Trench Warfare
  5. Shell Shock
  6. Trench foot
  7. Percussive wound
  8. Laceration
  9. Compound fracture
  10. Simple Fracture
  11. Mustard Gas
  12. Duck Board
  13. Chlorine Gas
  14. Shrapnel
  15. Puttees
  16. Gangrene
  17. Field Hospital
  18. Advanced Dressing station

Y8 Uncle Tom's Cabin 25 April-May 1st.

"The Underground Railroad" - Charles T Webber 1893

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This is Levi Coffin - he and his wife helped over 2000 Slaves escape.  He was a Quaker, many of this faith were also involved in the British abolition movement and in improving factory conditions for workers.

Code language: Use this language and the atlas to plot a rout from the state of Kentucky to the City of Detroit.

Members of the Underground Railroad often used specific code-words, based on the metaphor of the railway. For example:

  • People who helped slaves find the railroad were "agents" (or "shepherds")

  • Guides were known as "conductors"

  • Hiding places were "stations" or "way stations"

  • "Station masters" hid slaves in their homes

  • Escaped slaves were referred to as "passengers" or "cargo"

  • Slaves would obtain a "ticket"

  • Similar to common gospel lore, the "wheels would keep on turning"

  • Financial benefactors of the Railroad were known as "stockholders"[25]

Uncle Tom's Cabin
This book written by an American Woman, is seen by some as being a cause of the American Civil War between States that wished to keep slavery and those who wised to see it abolished.

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Click here for the link to access the resource used in class.

7EG Impact of the Black Death

Some of you need access to this resource we used in class before Easter.  Click on this LINK to access it.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Year 10 - GCSE History Reading


This site is brilliant.  Detailed biographies of the characters that took part in shaping our History.  Also at the bottom of each are comments made by those people and others about them.  Love it.