Monday, 12 June 2017

Year 9 Pro's & Cons of evidence

Trained Experts
Benefit of hindsight – not emotional about the event
Scientific and objective – they know the big picture

Access to documents which will help with research
May have prejudice
Academic writing can be hard to read


Are they an expert in that field of history?

If primary, it can bring the past alive
Helps us to empathise with the past
Not scientific/factual
Purpose need not be to tell the truth
Might be intended to show a particular side
Power of artistic licence


Picture is worth 1000 words
Snap shot of history
Photographers choose what they want to shoot
Painters choose what they want to paint
People in the photo may act differently knowing its being taken

Illustrate how people viewed historical events before they were historical
Often opinionated and seeking to influence
View historical events through eyes of people there at the time
News reports often lack access to vital information
Censorship and control – shows how the powerful seek control
Reporters are often eye witnesses


Not unprejudiced
Politically motivated
Only views of a few
Insight into public opinion


History of ordinary men and women
Good for an insight into everyday life
Long time after the event can mean inaccuracies
Could be emotionally attached to the event
Only one person’s view
Personal human insight


One person’s experience
People can say what they want honestly
May leave out things they don’t think are important
May not be complete or in their entirety

Provenance is key to understanding who made it and why
Public announcements are made to get a reaction
Sometimes used as propaganda
Can be hard to understand/read

Can be difficult to get hold of

Friday, 26 May 2017

Y9 Revision Resources May 2017

By Clicking on this LINK you can access a shared folder which has blank and mixed up versions of each knowledge mat.

Note: Please ignore the two files about the Black Death and Abolition of Slavery.

Use the mixed up version to fill the blank version.  You just have to figure out what goes where.

Enjoy and send me an email if you are unsure.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Year 10 - GCSE History Reading

This site is brilliant.  Detailed biographies of the characters that took part in shaping our History.  Also at the bottom of each are comments made by those people and others about them.  Love it.