Sunday, 12 June 2016

Year 7 Sikhism Test June 2016

Click on this link to find the test.

The Room you require is calvert2013

enter this to access the test and follow the instructions.

At the end (question 11) look to the top right of the screen and press 'end test'.

Good luck.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Y11 revision time-lines

This week, by request, we've been looking at Paper 2.  Each lesson has started with a time-line, then we have chosen a question type and looked at the approach to answering it.  Finally we put it all together by looking at an actual exam question and try to talk through what we might write in response.
I know many of you are busy revising for exams at home and have been unable to attend.  I have taken a photo of each time-line we have created and posted them on my homework blog.  
I will be covering Britain in the Great War on Friday and will add that time-line asap.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Y8 Gandhi Project Resources.

Everything you need for your Gandhi Project is here.

Here is a Biography of Gandhi's life

Here is the LINK to everything you need to do for your project and how you will be assessed.

Here is the LINK to the Guardian Article on Gandhi's death

Here is the LINK to the information on Gandhi's time in South Africa.

Here is the LINK to the information on the Ashram.

Here is the LINK to information on British rule in India at the time.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How to access your OneDrive School account - BETA

This LINK will take you to the login page,  your full School email and network password are all you need.

You have access to a folder bearing your full name within my class folder.  The idea is as follows.

1.  You complete your exam practise homework and save it on your desktop.
2.  Open up your internet browser with the above link to Outlook365.
3.  Click and drag your work into this folder.

I'll mark it, provide feedback and leave it in that folder as 'read-only'.  Only you and me have access to your folder.

This way you can easily keep track of your exam practise and feedback to check week on week you are not making the same mistakes.